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Thank You, @Zomato!

Posted: 12/19/15

Thank You, @Zomato!

Restaurant: Real_Sports_Bar_and_Grill Toronto

dre @ Real Sports Bar and Grill: Thanks to Zomato for the lovely gift cards to Real Sports! Even though I worked beside this place for years, I came here maybe once for lunch. The atmosphere is really cool to watch sports as each seat has a screen or at least access to a TV screen. It definitely kept the kids entertained. This place is pretty pricey, hence the reason I don't come here a lot.
We started off with half-dozen wings, with dry cajun seasoning. They were good, but not sure if they were worth $14.50 for 6 wings.
I ordered the half ribs. They were really tasty. I substituted for garlic fries. I wasn't that impressed, and they just seemed extra salty to me.
Mike ordered the Triple Threat Burger - pulled pork, peameal bacon, and beef brisket. Notice the salad to balance things off?
We got Kristen and Lauren the chicken fingers. Unfortunately, they were very deep fried, leaving not much meat to eat. Good thing Kristen really loves French fries. She ate all of them.

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