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Slow Cooked Ribs

Posted: 12/06/15

Slow Cooked Ribs

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Nelson: Something I always wanted to try with a slow cooker is tender ribs. I peeled off the membrane and cut the ribs in smaller pieces because...
...they don't fit in the casserole dish. Maybe I can make fewer cuts so that it is more intact, but this seemed to fit the best.
After 8 hours, here is how they look. There so much liquid that came out of them, I didn't realize it would be like this. I guess most of it came from the meat and the rest is BBQ sauce?
Going in the oven to broil, to finish them nicely.
The result on the dinner plate. These were incredibly tender, almost too tender. The bones just slipped out of the meat completely leaving the soft tender flavourful meat behind. It was delicious and I don't think I can make ribs this tender without a slow cooker. Yum!


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