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King Dragon Cuisin for Dim Sum

Posted: 12/04/15

King Dragon Cuisin for Dim Sum

Restaurant: King_Dragon_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson: More dim sum, this time from a place in Commerce Gate. They have a neat gimmick where you play paper rock scissors to determine if you have to pay for the clay pot rice dish. More on this later. We start with some curry cuttlefish that was pretty good.
Sticky rice, with only one bamboo wrap.
This the typical rice roll except with tofu and mushroom inside. It sounded like it would be very good, but it didn't turn out to be that good.
The Har Gow had gigantic shrimp inside. This is one dish where gigantic shrimp is not necessary because you can just stuff more smaller shrimp inside, but nonetheless it is appreciated.
Normally I don't like tendon that much, but this was heads and shoulder the best dish of them all. The tendon itself is not that unique, but the sauce and flavouring was so delicious and really made this dish spectacular. What a surprise.
Rice roll with shrimp.
My favourite, BBQ pork bun.
This eggplant dish had a lot of ingredients, but overall the flavour was a little bland. Too bad as it looks really good.
Chicken feet! I can eat at most one of these per meal.
The siu mai had more large shrimp on top. Yum.
We won the rock paper scissors game and didn't end up paying for this! What a deal! And fun too! Also, if there is no hard rice against the clay pot, they will give it for free as well. Neat way to inject some fun into dim sum. Unfortunately they have stopped this deal, but it was fun while it lasted.

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