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Posted: 12/09/15


Restaurant: Brampton Paramount

dre: This Paramount opened where Applebees used to be by Costco. The inside was really clean and spacious, and even had a play place for kids to play. When we sat down, there was a big poofy bread brought to us. It was good while it was warm, but once it cooled down, no one wanted to eat it, including my carb-loving daughter.

You go up to the counter to order and they bring it to your table.

We ordered a hummus to share, and I thought it was cheap for them to put it in a plastic container. It was decent.

I got the chicken souvlaki dinner. I liked the chicken as I didn't think it was too dry. My companions were only so-so with the place. I would go back if I was in the area.

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