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Scaddabush for Lunch

Posted: 12/07/15

Scaddabush for Lunch

Restaurant: Mississauga Scaddabush

dre @Scaddabush: I had a rare opportunity to head to Scaddabush for lunch. We started off with the Osso Bucco Bites. G said that it was too sweet for him. D said it was too salty for her. I loved the sweet and salty combo, so I think I liked this dish the best!

I had a hard time choosing what to have for lunch, and finally decided to go with the Smoked Bacon and Egg. It was really good, except I didn't realize that it had so many chilli flakes on it! It was so spicy, that I couldn't finish the entire thing. Probably a good thing!

I would love to find another time to come down again. Maybe this place will be my birthday tradition!

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