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Posted: 12/05/15


Restaurant: Suiko Vaughan

dre: Have you ever played Bubble Soccer? You basically wear these heavy bubble suits while trying to play soccer and ram down your opponent. This post isn't about bubble soccer, but what we ate after a session of bubble soccer! Across the street is this tiny restaurant called Suliko. Our friend was so kind to order everything for our table of 20, and I am trying to match them back to what the menu items are. I thought this place was Greek or Middle Eastern, but I think it is more Russian or Georgian as the menu was also written in Russian.

This was Eggplant Roll - Walnuts, fresh garlic, parsley, dill, cilantro wrapped in fried eggplant. I don't know many people our age that love eggplant. I am not a big fan, so I didn't try this dish. I happen to be sitting right in front of it, hence the picture :)

“Suliko” Salad – Tomatoes, cucumbers, red radish, parsley, dill, cilantro and red onion with special dressing. This was simple, but the dressing made it so good.
I don't actually know what this is. It might be pickled radish? I didn't try this either.
There were a lot of pastries. This is the Hachapuri Adjarsky – Traditional Georgian boat-shaped bread filled with melted cheese and topped with half-cooked egg, served hot. It looked really pretty. I gave some to Lauren and she loved it.
Hachapuri Ispanahi - Round yeast dough pie filled with chopped spinach leaves with cheese and herbs. I tried some and while I liked the pastry, I thought it was a little dry on the inside.
Hachapuri Imeretinsky – Round yeast dough pie filled with cheese. Same thing as a move, except the inside was filled with cheese.
Mushrooms “Suliko” – Baked mushrooms topped with cheese. These were a huge hit and first to be devoured by adults and kids alike! The mushrooms were so juicy and I didn't mind the cheese here....

What I didn't take a picture of was the beet salad. Lauren devoured it and it was really sweet and tasty.

Cheburek – Half-moon shaped crispy fried pie made with extra thin dough and filled with juicy ground meat. This was REALLY good. It reminded me a bit of the Chinese dumpling that is deep fried.
Khinkali with pork and beef - Georgian traditional dumpling. It was like a giant siu long bao and had the same juices inside. There was also a cheese version that was ordered.
The above were all "appetizers" and we ordered a plate of meat - Mix Grill Shish Kebab pork, chicken, lamb, lula kebab. The chicken and pork were really juicy. I didn't try the lamb or the lula (which is ground lamb).
And of course the reason we came was to celebrate Lawrence's birthday and we had a delicious lemon cake that was really tall!

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