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Suite at Raptors Suite

Posted: 11/30/15

Suite at Raptors Suite

Restaurant: Air_Canada_Centre Toronto

Nelson @AirCanadaCentre: Reserving a suite for a @Raptors game is a good time. You get your own space to hang out and food is part of the package. The price (~$95) is about the same as a bad 100 level seat, but food is included. The downside is the affordable suites are all really really high. You feel like you are in the rafters (because you are) and you are looking directly down onto the action. There are TVs in the suite too, if you don't feel like watching it live.

This is mostly a shot of the view of the court, but also includes a shot of a bag of popcorn. These are set out at the seats. In the very bottom right there is also a bit of the bag of cotton candy visible as well.

We had the training camp package which included a main "course" of Nathan's famous hot dogs with all beef jumbo's served with mustard, ketchup, relish and onions. The toppings definitely aren't as good as the @Rogers_Centre ones, but the actual hot dog itself is really good.

In the background and really hard to see are some platters with the toppings. They also had a crudites platter which I just learned via google means a veggie platter with dips. They were all gone before I arrived. Only the dip was left with nothing to dip...except a few kettle chips. They gave one measly bowl for the whole group and these were demolished quickly and I had some crumbs by the time I arrived. A little disappointing on the quantities I must say. Or the people I went with eat too much.

What they did have a lot of was pizza from @PizzaPizzaLtd. Only cheese pepperoni and vegetarian, the choices were quite limited as well. Maybe it's because of the "training camp" package that was selected, but I didn't like the limited choice here either. At least there was unlimited pop (not pictured).

Overall a fun time, but the food choices could be better in quality and quantity. The last time I was there, the ACC food was really good, but this time it sucked. Not sure if the it's ACC's fault or which package was selected, but for sure I paid more for it this year (2014-2015 season) and had a worse experience.


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