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Last dinner of the cruise!

Posted: 11/27/15

Last dinner of the cruise!

Restaurant: Radiance_of_the_Seas Royal_Caribbean

dre: The last dinner of the cruise, featured seafood. I started off with the Pan-seared Bay Scallops and Chorizo. I love scallops and these were pretty jumbo sized.
Mike ordered a French Onion soup.
Our server gave us the Spanish Tapas Plate - with assorted cold cuts, Manchego cheese and a Spanish potato frittata.
The girls shared a Rigatoni Pasta. They loved putting the rigatoni noodles on their fingers and then eating it.
I ordered the Fish, Seafood and Mash - battered fish fillet, sea scallops, and shrimp on mashed potatoes. I didn't like the batter too much, but it was still tasty.
Mike ordered the Black Angus Top Sirloin that was featured every night, and he finally got to try it out. It was pretty tender and juicy.


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