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The Fry - Best KFC in far

Posted: 11/26/15

The Fry - Best KFC in far

Restaurant: The_Fry Toronto

Nelson: In constant search of the best Korean Fried chicken led me to trying The Fry. At the Cummer location the atmosphere was much more of a bar than a restaurant, except with the layout of a restaurant. Does that make sense?

As is typical for Korean restaurants we start with some apps. In this case corn that was gloriously buttery, sweet and hot. So, so good. I like this place already.

Other apps include a small salad and daikon in vinegar. The coleslaw was interesting because it had a dill like flavour, but I don't think it was dill. What was it??
Onto the main course of Fried chicken. This is the Soy Garlic Chicken ($16.99 for small). The chicken is battered and slightly over deep fried, but it didn't have an oily quality to it. It also wasn't light either. I like the soy garlic flavour the best as the flavours came through so nicely, without being too strong and still retaining a unique flavour. How do they make it so delicious?
Lastly we tried the cryptically named Fried chicken in sauce since the waitress recommended it ($16.99 for small). The sauce turned out to be the most stereotypical Korean sauce you can imagine. It's red, a bit sweet, a bit spicy and a bit salty. I didn't like that it made the chicken wet and not crispy though.

Overall I like eating chicken this way. The way they cut up the chicken into manageable easy to eat pieces and then batter each piece for maximum surface area. And it's juicy on the inside. How do they fry it so well?

Notice all the questions? Let's end with a statement: so far, this is the best Korean Fried Chicken I have had in Toronto.

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