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Sit-down Lunch

Posted: 11/25/15

Sit-down Lunch

Restaurant: Radiance_of_the_Seas Royal_Caribbean

dre: This was our last day at sea, and I think by this point, I was very tired of eating. The downside of a cruise.

However, we still ate! Looking back on this menu, there were so many things that I could have ordered, but I must have been really really tired of eating that all I had was salad. The salad bar was really interesting though. You go around picking your ingredients, and at the end a person tosses everything plus the sauce for you. Think Mongolian grill in salad form.

For my main dish, yes, I got another salad - the calamari salad.
The girls shared a spaghetti with tomato sauce dish.
Mike ordered the ricotta and spinach gnocchi. I tried one, and I'm still not a fan of gnocchi.
For dessert, we tried the warm spiced rum cake. It was okay, again, I wasn't too impressed with the desserts on the ship.


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  • That's a great idea for a salad bar
    Nelson @ 2015-11-25

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