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Bedford Academy

Posted: 11/20/15

Bedford Academy

Restaurant: Academy Bedford Toronto

Nelson: Here for Richard's going away party, there was more emphasis on drinks than food. But we were here early and needed to eat dinner so we tried some of their food. They are a pub/bistro so not a whole lot of choice, but I wouldn't expect it anyway. Kitty tried the now ubiquitous fish tacos with grilled flour tortillas topped with pickled onions, a citrus fennel slaw and blackened Cajun catfish finished with a Tequila sour cream ($13). Although colourful, these weren't saucy enough for Kitty's liking. I didn't try much myself.
I tried the prime rib beef dip with their tender seasoned prime rib English cut and layered on a toasted baguette. Crowned with sauteed onions and mushrooms and a melted slice of Swiss accompanied with a beef au jus and a horseradish truffle dip ($16). I don't remember the truffle in the dip, but I liked the baguette that came with the well done beef. The fries were pretty good.

Nothing special for food here, but lots of drinks were drunk that night and they provided a good atmosphere.

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