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The Bauer Kitchen

Posted: 11/16/15

The Bauer Kitchen

Restaurant: Bauer_Kitchen Waterloo

Nelson @TheBauerKitchen: Here on a work lunch in Waterloo, this restaurant is part of the Charcoal Group empire of restaurants. Like the other restaurants, The Bauer Kitchen interior is nicely decorated and the food? Let's find out!

The meal starts with some bread, which is nice for a lunch meal. It came warm and I could tell they were fresh. A good start.

This is the French onion fondue with cream cheese, Gruyere, Emmental, mozzarella, caramelized onions with grilled focaccia ($10.95). The fondue was heavy as you would expect with so many cheeses, but I liked the bread that came with it even more. The grilling does add a nice bit of flavour to the cheesy proceedings.
We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share so I got a little bit of each of these. This is the San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella and basil toast and the three cheese & caramelized onion toast. I don't think I tried either of these, but it looks appetizing.
This is smoked and fried calamari with pickled hot peppers, grape tomatoes, lemon chive aioli, flat leaf parsley and crispy capers ($10.95). The calamari was not overcooked and I really liked the sauce which they completely left off of in the description unfortunately. Looks like a Hollandaise, but had a bit more flavour than that. Good job.
I had the steak frites with grilled 6oz flat iron, caramelized shallot and red wine jus with fresh-cut fries ($18.95). I didn't like the steak that much and that is probably because it's not a great cut to begin with (a bit tendony) so partly my fault. I also didn't like it how the steak was already precut before being served. Usually steaks don't need sauce, but this one did benefit from its inclusion. The sweet potato fries were good though with a generous sprinkling of salt.

Overall, decent food, but if I were paying I would consider it a tad pricey. The service and atmosphere was great though.

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