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Prime Rib 3

Posted: 11/14/15

Prime Rib 3

Restaurant: none

Nelson: The last prime rib of the holiday season. We figured it was such a success we just kept serving it to our guests. This week it was only on sale at Longo's. This one was three bones big, enough to feed three people.
This time I had fresh rosemary. I also used butter on parts that didn't have a fatty cap covering the top. Not sure if this helped or not though as the butter will melt instantly.
Here is the cooked prime rib. This one was a tad undercooked and after cutting the ends off I cooked it a little more. I had just bought a rack that year and I used it alot over the holidays. I suspect it is pretty important to use, especially as it is difficult to heat up the meat near the bone.
The prime rib cut. Nice pockets of fat complement the delicious tender meat. So delicious! We roasted some vegetables too.
I tried to capture everything else here. M&M brought over some Indian appetizers, but they were completely eaten by the time I took this picture unfortunately. A&L brought over some butternut squash. We made some quinoa as the starch to go with everything. I also made some gravy and because I had leftover fresh horseradish, I made a horesradish cream sauce again. Of course we had a nice red to go along with the red red mear.
And to relive our trip to Portugal we had port wine for dessert. A&L bought a wonderful vintage porto that was absolutely delicious and stood out from the other ones we had. We managed to find a white port wine which is quite rare. It was pretty good too and a bit lighter than the red ones, but just as sweet. The Graham's 20 year had the classic port wine taste. Leo would say it tasted porty. We enjoyed cheese and dark/milk chocolate with the port wine which was perfect.


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