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Lobster Tail!

Posted: 11/17/15

Lobster Tail!

Restaurant: Radiance_of_the_Seas Royal_Caribbean

dre: Another night I forgot to take a picture of the menu, so I will try to go by memory of what we ate! I started off with a garden salad.
This was a mushroom puff pastry. This was really good. I think anything with puff pastry is yummy!
A crab leg salad. I ate the crab meat, but the salad didn't appeal to me.
I believe this was a chicken breast. One of my parents got this.
Mike got this delicious looking hunk of meat!
I got my lobster tail! It wasn't the best one I had though. I think Royal Caribbean seems to do beef much better than seafood.


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  • I probably would have ordered 3
    Nelson @ 2015-11-17

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