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Grace & Ittai Cook a Meal

Posted: 11/11/15

Grace & Ittai Cook a Meal

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Nelson: My parents were in Taiwan over Christmas so I had Grace and Ittai over a lot. I had to go into work some of the days so I had them cook a meal for us. I wanted them to cook something new to surprise me. Let's start with the app. They cut up a kohlrabi which is pictured in the background. I have never eaten this vegetable before.
It was served with a big of vinegar salt and sugar. It has a mild taste and crisp texture. It tasted fresh and stronger than radish. Pretty good actually!
They made what they call a pork salad. Chunks of pork with cucumber, corn and greens, this also has a lemony vinegar based dressing that makes it taste refreshing. It would be really great on a summer day.
Lastly there was a eggplant mixture dip with bread. It has roasted eggplants(with charred skin), black pepper, tomato puree, salt, oil and finely chopped white onion. You could really taste the roasted part of the eggplant. I never knew you could make something like with so much flavour just by simply charring it. Yum!

Thanks Grace and Ittai! Only bad thing was the food poisoning Kitty and I got after this meal!


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