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Making Chocolate Cups

Posted: 11/10/15

Making Chocolate Cups

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Nelson: After enjoying Ginja in chocolate cups in Portugal, we wanted to have the same over here. We brought back a bottle just for this purpose, but there was the matter of chocolate cups. It's very difficult to buy, so we ended up trying to make our own. We bought a mold as well as used mini shot cups. Let's find out which is better.

With the mold you'd think that forming cups would be difficult as how would the chocolate stick to the sides. Turns out chocolate is thick enough that it sticks to the sides and hardens. Check out the results in the next pic.

These small cups turned out pretty well. At least the ones in the front. Kitty was just learning how to do this so there were some casualties. As long as you get the sides thick enough the cups will turn out well.
The internet advises to use two small plastic shot cups and sandwich the chocolate in between .We could not make this work. It's hard to control the thickness and the top cup doesn't seem to do much. They ended up too thick and difficult to handle. So I don't recommend his method.
Here is the Ginja we brought back. We served it at a New Year's party and I think people enjoyed it!


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