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Lasagna, Shrimp, Chicken!

Posted: 11/13/15

Lasagna, Shrimp, Chicken!

Restaurant: Radiance_of_the_Seas Royal_Caribbean

dre: I believe the 3rd dinner of the cruise was a formal night. We got all dressed up and everyone loved the girls in their matching dresses. This dinner menu featured several things I wanted to try, so here goes:

To start, I had the Insalata Mista - mixed greens, zucchini, red bell peppers, and olives.

I also ordered Arancini as an appetizer. Those were loaded with rice and portabello mushroom, served with a garlic and spinach Romesco sauce. These were delicious!
Mike got a Creamy Roasted Garlic Soup. He loves garlic and really loved this soup.
There was lasagna on the menu, so I had to order it. Lasagna is a risky dish as sometimes it is way too cheesy for me, and also the tomato sauce could sometimes be too sour. The tomato sauce of this lasagna was really delicious, however, the cream sauce turned me off.
I also ordered the Garlic Tiger Shrimp. The shrimp was large, but really buttery and the texture was a little limpy.
Mike ordered the Chicken Marsala. You can't go wrong with this dish. Or at least, I've never had a bad version. This one did not disappoint from the small portion I had.
One of my parents ordered a pork tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto and sage, with a provolone potato bake.
For dessert, Mike got a bread pudding. None of the desserts appealed to me, so I didn't have any. I know - shocking that Mike ordered dessert and I didn't!


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