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Christmas Turkey

Posted: 11/02/15

Christmas Turkey

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Need ideas for Thxgiving or Xmas? Well we usually do Turkey. I almost always buy stuffed butterball because even if you overcook it a bit, it'll still be moist. Maybe unhealthy, but definitely delicious. Almost guaranteed to avoid dry turkey which is the worst.
The finished turkey. Make sure you keep the drippings to make the gravy!
We had 4 families over so there was a lot of food on a gigantic table. Good thing we don't have furniture yet, as we were able to fit everyone! Everyone brought a little to help out. There's a potato salad, chicken wings, roasted vegetables by us, noodles, stir fry Chinese vegetables by us, curry fish ball, stuffing, corn, gravy, cranberry sauce etc. A delicious meal!
There are also birthdays around Christmas time, so there is also cake. This is the meringue cake from Maxim bakery, which is absolutely delicious. Hope this post helps!


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