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Prime Rib 1

Posted: 10/31/15

Prime Rib 1

Restaurant: none

Nelson: We hosted a few dinners over Christmas in our new home and we decided to make Prime Rib. Well we wanted to make it for some guests later in the week so the first time we made it was for practice. We ended up eating Prime Rib three times! So get ready for some repetition. Some delicious repetition.

Prime Rib was on sale at Real Canadian Superstore. The receipt said $71, but it included all the other food as well. The butcher couldn't find the proper cut, so he cut this premium cut for me on the spot and charged me the sale price. Sweet. This one had two ribs for 5 people and we found that it was plenty of meat. This is the finished Prime Rib straight out of the oven.

This is the prime rib about to be carved. It's so easy to cook as you only need salt and pepper. I added some herbs too and my favourite steak rub, Club House Montreal Steak Spice. If anything I added too much salt, but since it was concentrated on the outside, it was fine overall.
Confession: I don't have a meat thermometer. So I had to guess how done it was. I think I hit it almost perfectly here, a bit rare on the inside which is perfect for my liking. Doesn't that look mouthwatering delicious?
The other foods included garlic bread, broccoli and roasted vegetables. I also made a mushroom gravy. I had difficultly with the gravy as I added too much flour and had to add beef stock to get the balance right. The mushrooms didn't really cook and needed to come to a boil.
Here is my final plate. So delicious!


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  • Prime rib is my favourite! I'm so impressed that you didn't use a thermometer. I've found that the thermometer has saved me many times... but I'm not that great with beef roasts.
    dre @ 2015-11-01

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