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Waterloo Temporary Farmer's Market

Posted: 10/27/15

Waterloo Temporary Farmer's Market

Restaurant: Fritter_Co Waterloo

Nelson @TheFritterCo: Old news, but the Waterloo Farmer's market burned down back in Sept 2013. They erected a temporary building for the vendors in the meantime. Over the last summer they built a new permanent structure, but I haven't visited it yet. These pics were taken when they were still in the temporary structure.

Of course no trip to Waterloo Farmer's market is complete without visiting The Fritter Co. and getting some apple fritters.

Although just the two of us, we got the dozen for $9.75. It's great with ice cream or maple syrup, but when we order a box it is just the fritters. Even still they are absolutely delicious and best eaten hot. Yum!
The only other thing we ate was from Country Cravings, a back bacon burger. A Canadian specialty I suppose, this one came with an egg. Hard to see the back bacon in this pic, so I included another one below.
Yum! Can't wait to visit their new facilities.


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