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100 Degrees Hot Pot

Posted: 10/25/15

100 Degrees Hot Pot

Restaurant: 100_Degrees Richmond_Hill

Nelson: The weather is getting colder which means it's time for hot pot! This place in Richmond Hill is pretty decent as they have 18 different soup bases to choose from. The cost is $19.99 for the basic meal or $23.99 with a seafood platter. This one is red date and goji and a corn and bones broth.
This the cilantro and preserved egg with the corn & bones broth again.
Here are the sauces available. I used to eat the raw egg, but don't any more since it may be risky. Otherwise my favourites include satay, green onion, garlic and chili oil. The peanut paste and peppers are ok too.
On to the food. Here are a bunch of different types of balls. I like beef balls, but the raw pork ones were pretty good too. The squid balls I didn't like as much. That's a lot of quail eggs.
I will never understand why HK people like hot dogs so much. Never.
The meats! Beef and lamb mostly here. The beef is probably my favourite at AYCE hot pot. The quality is decent here too. Also note the gluten balls and dumplings. I never understood this gluten free obsession as Chinese people intentional eat gluten. Also knowing someone with celiac disease before this gluten free craze began makes me think the people without celiac disease and avoid gluten are just crazy.
The beef tongue! It was really good here. A very lean piece of meat, but I liked it!
Some tofu, lotus root, tofu skin. You can see the puffed up gluten in the pots.
Some more dumplings, hard tofu, chicken and tripe.

Overall a pretty decent place to go for hot pot. We didn't order anything exotic or special, but their basics are decent. According to the internet they are closed now unfortunately.


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