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Windjammer Breakfasts

Posted: 11/03/15

Windjammer Breakfasts

Restaurant: Radiance_of_the_Seas Royal_Caribbean

dre: I really enjoy breakfast. I enjoy it even more when I don't have to make it. When on cruises, I try to take advantage of the omelet station. Surprisingly, I only ate an omelet once at the buffet. It was too much of a hassle to order and come back to get it. I also ate a lot of corned beef hash. Bacon and sausages are a must. And Kristen loves bacon, so she ate most of it anyway.
There were also pancakes, muffins, and some fried noodles and rice. Asians don't think it's weird to have that for breakfast.
One more picture of breakfast... look at that towering mound of corned beef hash!


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