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Even kids cruise in style!

Posted: 10/28/15

Even kids cruise in style!

Restaurant: Radiance_of_the_Seas Royal_Caribbean

dre: This was the first cruise the girls have been on. There was a kid's program, but the child would have to be 3 to be able to attend. Kristen was too young, so during day-at-sea, we played a little bit in the nursery room.

The dinners came with a kid's menu that never changed each day. The server brought a bowl of fruit right away once we settled in our seats, so that was a great way to keep them occupied. The cruise was very accommodating on bringing out the kid's meal first to get them eating before our meals came out.

We asked Kristen what she wanted to eat from the list, and she replied with turkey burger. She ate about half of the burger meat, and of course, all the fries.
Lauren got this salmon, and according to my parents, this piece of fish was really fresh and tasty. Both girls really enjoyed the fish, and hope they become fish lovers, unlike their parents...!


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