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Posted: 10/13/15


Restaurant: Dishoom England London

Nelson @Dishoom: Once again when facing a meal choice in London, we opted for Indian. This time it was midafternoon and we were lucky to snag a seat right away at this trendy Indian cafe. Even at midafternoon, the restaurant was full. Dishoom is a Bombay Cafe and although I don't quite know what that means, it seems to be popular.

Let's start with the Okra Fries, fine lady's fingers for the fingers. (£3.70). These were lightly breaded and fried to a crisp and they were excellent. I think this is my favourite version of okra I've ever had. They had none of that slimy texture, but still retained the flavour.

Closeup of the Okra Fries. Deep frying food makes things taste good.
It came with several sauces, a tamarind on the left, mint/cilantro on the top right and perhaps a sour chili chutney?. It was nice to have some variety to the flavouring on the fries.
There are many dishes in this pictures, but a lot of times it's difficult to visually showcase curries. The far right is chicken ruby described as a good and proper curry redolent with spice and flavour. Tender chicken in a rich silky Makhani sauce (£8.20). There weren't too many pieces of chicken here, but the flavour of the sauce was good.

In the middle is House Black Dahl. We basically ordered this not knowing what it was, but on the menu it is described as a Dishoom signature dish - dark, rich, depply flavoured and simmered over 24 hours for extra harmony (£4.90). Turns out it's kinda like small lentil bean in a curry sauce. Like it was described it was flavourful, but I think it was more from the curry than the dahl itself. But then again I haven no idea what dahl is and how flavourful it is.

Also pictured is some garlic naan with minced garlic and coriander sprinkles (£2.20) and cheese naan with cheddar melted inside (£2.50).

This is the Chef's Covent Garden Special - Prawn Moilee (£14.90). Described as from the golden sands of the Malabar Coast to the mansions on of Malabar Hill, the finest prawns (with finest tails) in a South Indian style golden broth of onions, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger and chilli, tempered with coconut milk (£14.90). First of all, these prawns were gigantic. Some of the biggest I've seen. And they were cooked well and tasted so fresh. The sauce was so rich and this dish was closer to a Thai dish in flavour than Indian, but it was absolutely delicious. Expensive, but delicious.
Lastly is a closeup of the garlic naan with the overflowing cheddar inside. This was the cheesiest naan I've ever had and it was so rich that it could be eaten by itself and be satisfying. The steamed basmati rice (£2.20) can be seen in the background.

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