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Deer Garden Dinner

Posted: 10/18/15

Deer Garden Dinner

Restaurant: Deer_Garden_Signatures Richmond

dre in Richmond: We love Deer Garden. In fact, we like it so much, that we made all the cousins go there for dinner. The reason we like it so much is because we are able to choose the type of broth, noodles and toppings in our soup. The soup we can choose from isn't just MSG-loaded broth. You can choose from a fish-based soup, laksa, tom yum, and other choices.

For his bowl, Mike chose the Szechuan Spicy Soup with thick rice noodle, with beef. I tried a little bit and it was really good and spicy.

I picked something healthy - tomato and pumpkin fish soup. My parents would be proud. I shared with the girls and Lauren really enjoyed the soup and had fun trying to pick up the noodles. I find that you don't really have to pick vegetables for your topping choices as it already comes with so many vegetables. I also picked beef for my toppings.

The price of the bowl of noodles went up since we last went, but for $9.50, this large bowl also comes with a drink.

For an extra $2.25, we got a plate of deep fried pork chops.

We realized that there are 2 locations in the GTA, so we are looking forward to checking them out when we go home!

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