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Local drinks

Posted: 10/14/15

Local drinks

Restaurant: none

dre: Mike and I went to the liquor store to get some drinks. We wanted to try some local beers and wine. I chose a Granville Island variety pack with 4 different types of beer - Brockton IPA with its full malt flavour and light citrusy grapefruit taste; Island Lager and its malty, grassy hopped finish; the caramel malt based English Bay Pale Ale; and the Cypress Honey Lager made with pure Fraser Valley Honey.

My favourite one was the Island Lager. I didn't like the Honey Lager that much, which is weird, because I used to like honey beer a lot. I think my beer tastes have changed, and I don't drink gross cheap beer anymore as much as back in those university days.

Mike chose a wine from BC, based on a recommendation of the guy that worked a the liquor store. It was a bit on the dry side for me, but we still finished it off in one night, among Mike, my cousin, and myself over a game of Carcassone with 4 expansion packs. Good times.


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