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Pearl House

Posted: 10/10/15

Pearl House

Restaurant: Burnaby Pearl_House

dre in Burnaby: We met up with Mike's old housemate from university and his family at Pearl House. Mike's friend is Taiwanese, and this was his favourite place to go. We ordered our own mains, and let him order some side dishes.

The first things that came were cooked lettuce and these things that I thought were French fries. They were fish cake fries.

We got some onion pancake for the kids. Fancy presentation.
Dumplings for Mike
These were called "chicken nuggets" but to me, they looked more like karaage.
This was an oyster baked dish. I tried a little bit of it.
Mike's spicy beef noodle soup with thick noodle. You have to pay extra to get the thick noodle, but it's worth it!!
This was a plate of yakiudon. Kristen really liked this dish.
I ordered a pork chop with rice, so that Lauren had something to eat. This was really good, and I enjoyed it. A fun meal with all the kids playing together, and we also got some dessert afterwards in my next post!

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