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Hampton by Hilton Breakfast

Posted: 10/05/15

Hampton by Hilton Breakfast

Restaurant: London

Nelson: Hampton by Hilton's breakfast hotel is today's post. This breakfast was not quite as good as the last hotel we stayed on our previous stay in London.

They have similar cereals as we do, but of course they have weetabix. I of course did not eat any. I did have some oatmeal though.

One of these jars contains marmite. Which I had discovered last time is gross. I did like how they had individually sealed cheeses.
Here's a sample meal for me. No streaky bacon, but I think this is how they eat bacon regularly. The sausage was large and not very tasty. Definitely the croissants were way way way better in Paris. Not surprising either. So breakfast in England isn't that different from breakfast in North America.


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  • The cereal all have different "names" except Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies. :)
    dre @ 2015-10-05
  • What would be the Fruit & Fibre here? What about crunchy nut?
    Nelson @ 2015-10-05

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