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Posted: 10/08/15


Restaurant: Kintaro Vancouver

dre: A visit to Vancouver wouldn't be complete without a ramen meal! Vancouver has a lot of ramen places to choose from, and Denman Street is not short of ramen shops. We walked from Stanley Park to grab some lunch, and I didn't want to think too much, so we went to one place that I knew - Kintaro! There was a lineup that day, so while we waited in line, Lauren slept in the stroller.

The space inside is VERY cramped, so if you're lugging around a lot of baby stuff, it will be quite uncomfortable. We got a small table that seats two, but they put a chair on the side for us. Mike waited outside to let Lauren sleep a little longer while I ordered and waited for our food.

I got the Cold Ramen, which serves cucumber instead of green onion, wake seaweed, and ginger. The paste on the side of the bowl was some sort of spicy sauce, which I didn't try. This dish is only available in the summer from June to September. It was all right, and I was glad it was cold as Kristen could eat it right away. She loves cucumbers and bean sprouts, and the meat was thinly sliced, so this dish (if you don't mix it around) is pretty kid friendly.

The hot soup I ordered was the Miso Ramen with medium broth and lean meat. I always get "suckered" into picking the miso one, because I never remember which type of broth I like, and this one says "Kintaro's best" on the menu. It was served really hot, and you can see the noodles after I stirred the bowl a bit.

Lastly, I ordered some gyoza, in case the two bowls of noodles wasn't enough for the 4 of us.

I ate quickly, so that I could trade places with Mike. I only had to stand outside for 5 minutes before Lauren woke up. We managed to fold our stroller up and shove it somewhere in the tiny restaurant, and enjoyed the rest of the meal together.

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