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West Cornwall Pasty Co

Posted: 09/25/15

West Cornwall Pasty Co

Restaurant: Bath England West_Cornwall_Pasty_Co

Nelson @wcornwallpasty: Bath is a nice little English town with a lot of food choices in the downtown area. This store, West Cornwall Pasty Co, attracted my attention as I wanted to find out what is a pasty. It's a traditional Cornish pastry filled with delicious ingredients. The first thing to notice is that outside pastry is quite hefty. This is basically a meat pie in portable form.
The ingredients can vary, but the traditional Cornish pasty (£4.95) contains beef, potato, onion and swede (turnip/rutabaga). I would describe it as a beef stew in a flaky pastry. Maybe because we were hungry, but this was absolutely delicious. It was hot, filling, moist, flaky and tasty. I really really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much so that we walked back and ordered another!
This time was opted for a different one, a cheese and onion pasty (£3.95).
Unfortunately this one was not nearly as tasty. The filling was not as interesting and even the pastry didn't taste that good. But that first one was absolutely amazing. I just finished reading American Gods and the pasty made an appearance in that book. I knew how delicious the pasty is without needing the descriptions in the book!


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