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Posted: 09/19/15


Restaurant: Champagne France Paris

Nels: I have never had real Champagne before. Champagne is one of those designated protected foods where only that product from a specific region may be called that name. Champagne is one of the most famous ones as most people call bubbly wine Champagne even though most that is consumed is simply sparkling wine. If you ever try to buy Champagne you'll find it's several times more expensive than sparkling wine and more than likely not buy it. I know that's what I do as I don't ever recall drinking a true bottle of champagne. Anyway, we took this bottle back from the Moulin Rouge and fittingly we drank it while in France. It wasn't that much better than any other sparkling wine, but it was still quite good. I'm not sure whether the "brand" name is worth it. We tried looking for this brand in the liquor stores throughout France but never could find and determine whether this was an expensive bottle or not.

Now really that's all the posts for France. It was a great trip for eating - the French are known for their cuisine and as this trip proves, rightly so.


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