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Wedding Banquet at Fisherman's Terrace

Posted: 09/22/15

Wedding Banquet at Fisherman's Terrace

Restaurant: Fishermans_Terrace

dre: A Chinese banquet is a Chinese banquet no matter what part of the world you are in! This west coast version seemed to be no different than what we have back in Toronto. Is the seafood a little fresher? I'm no seafood connoisseur though!

We started with a meat platter with pork, duck, and jellyfish. The service was a little inconsistent as some dishes were distributed on individual plates and some dishes were placed on the table for us to distribute ourselves. This dish was served whole, and we got our own meat and jellyfish. The crispy skin on the pork was nice and crispy and the the jellyfish was nice and crunchy.

The crab claws were served individually, but Kristen wasn't considered a "person" so there was one less crab claw for her. That was okay that she didn't count as a paying adult. Fortunately, they had leftovers, and gave her one anyway!
I took a pictures of these veggies with dried scallops just as Mike was scooping some onto his plate. I enjoyed the lettuce, but thought the scallops were too dry.
The Shark Fin soup was tasty and my bowl had generous amounts of fin.
I took one piece of lobster, but the piece I took wasn't easy to pick out the meat. So the work to taste ratio wasn't as worth it.
We tried to see if Kristen would eat abalone, but she took one bite and said that she didn't like the "mushroom." In order that we didn't scar her from eating mushrooms, we apologized to her and told her that it wasn't a mushroom...and that she didn't have to finish it. Who said kids couldn't tell the difference?
I had 2 pieces of quail as Mike went out with the kids around Aberdeen Centre. I liked it, though not one of my favourite meats.
I didn't eat any fish.
I had a bowl of E-Fu Noodles. Actually, I might have had 2 bowls.
The Lotus Wrap Fried Rice looked cool, but the dish itself was a little dry.
Dessert was Red Bean Soup with Jellies and cookies. There you go... A west coast Chinese banquet is exactly the same as a Toronto one! :)

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