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Nu Chinese Bistro

Posted: 09/18/15

Nu Chinese Bistro

Restaurant: Nu_Chinese_Bistro Richmond

dre in Richmond: Our first family dinner was located at this Shanghainese restaurant in Richmond. It is located on the second floor of this plaza in Richmond.

We arrived a little bit late, so there were already some appetizers on the table - Sautéed Black Fungus and some sort of meat with garlic on it. After looking at the menu online, I wonder if it was the Sliced Beef and Beef Tripe Special Sauce? Both dishes were served cold.

These buns showed up and because the kids were hungry, these were devoured right away. We almost ordered more, but was told there would be a lot more food with buns coming.
Another 2 cold appetizer dishes - Egg-stuffed Duck roll and Mix Veggie Wrapped with Soy Bean Skin. I wasn't a big fan of either of these.
We got Clay Pot Wonton Chicken Soup. It was so tasty and had so many things in there! My bowl didn't have any dumplings, but Kristen didn't eat hers, so I got it.
Fried Green Beans with Minced Pork was good, though a bit oily. I don't think I've ever had this dish NOT oily.
Tofu or fish? This next picture I cannot remember what it was. I just remember that it was spicy, so the kids couldn't eat it. It was served with some more buns!
These Sweet and Sour Prawns were tangy with a hint of spice. Again, not kid friendly, but very tasty.
Seafood stir-fry on a cool stand. This dish was yummy.
Zhenjiang Style Ribs - the sauce was really yummy. Also a bit of spiciness, not completely kid friendly.
Everyone always likes pea shoots!
Finally, a dish for the kids, but they already all went off the play and wasn't interested in eating this fried rice. A very enjoyable meal with yummy food, and great company. Having relatives that want to hold your baby always enhances a restaurant experience for me! :)

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