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La Cloche d'Or Mains

Posted: 09/17/15

La Cloche d'Or Mains

Restaurant: France La_Cloche_dOr Paris

Nelson: Kitty tried the Medaillon de lotte au dicre fermier, riz basmati (monkfish, cider farmer, basmati rice for 32€). This was incredible because it tasted and felt like you were eating large chunks of lobster/scallop. Normally monkfish is fairly fishy, but this one was not at all. Such great texture and taste, this was heavenly. Well it is if you like lobster or scallop. The apple was a little strange, but the tomato was welcome. I think Kitty liked the sauce to go with the fish. French food is known for their sauces afterall.
This is Supreme de poulet fermier a l'estragon, poelee de legumes croquants (25€ or part of the prixe fixe) or farm chicken filet, farrago sauce, vegetables al dente. Believe it or not, but the sauce tasted very similar to Canada's own Swiss Chalet sauce. The chicken's skin was nicely crispy and absolutely delicious and salty. The vegetables were curry flavoured which was unexpected.
Tartare de boeuf de la Cloche d'Or (ou special a l'huile d'olive vierge), frites maison ou salade (for 23€ or part of the fixed menu). In English the menu translates this to La Cloche d'Or Tartar (raw French beef) and fresh French fries. This one was heaviliy flavoured by the relish that was contained within it. It wasn't quite as good as the previou night's tartar and not as well balanced. The fries were deliciously thick and crisp.
This is a pave du boucher (faux filet), sauce moutarde ou poivre (part of set menu). Sorry for the blurry photo, this was quite far from me and I had to reach over to take a photo. I didn't taste much and by the time I did it was a bit cold. It looked like it was cooked well though.
Dos de saumon roti et sa puree (part of set menu for 35€). I didn't have much of this one either, but I did notice that the salmon skin was extremely crispy.

Sadly I didn't get a picture of the pork cheek dish. My notes were that is wasn't tough at all and in fact surprisingly meaty. Overall it was heavily flavoured with Indian spices.

Dessert and first one up is Ile Flottante a l'ancienne (sauce anglaise) (part of set menu or 8€ on its own) described as traditional home made egg white cake on a vanilla sauce. The waiter said it was angel cake, but it tasted like a marshmallow almost like a meringue. The sauce was excellent with the strong taste of vanilla coming through and you can actually see the vanilla bean throughout the sauce. Sorry for the blurry pic, my camera for some reason had trouble focusing.
The classic creme brulee a la vanille bourbon (part of set menu or 8€). This version was really rich. There was seemingly burnt bit throughout, but it turns out that it is actual real ground vanilla bean. Nicely done.
Lastly, the wine. We ordered way too much food. We should have ordered fewer appetizers for sure. But at least the food was excellent and a very memorable meal just before leaving France. I feel like I only scratched the surface of dining in France on this trip, yet it was already so good. My next destination was England where the food was noticeably much, much, much worse. I missed out of frog legs, souffle, cassoulet, duck confit, bouillabaisse, ratatouille, coq au vin just to name a few. Hopefully I will someday return to France and enjoy more of their fine cuisine.


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