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La Cloche d'Or Appetizers

Posted: 09/15/15

La Cloche d'Or Appetizers

Restaurant: France La_Cloche_dOr Paris

Nelson: We just happened to be a block away from Moulin Rouge and we were looking for a dinner restaurant. After walking for a quite a while and being indecisive we finally picked this place because it looked nice from the outside.

Let's start with the appetizers. Some of these were from the set menu for 35€. I ordered Os a la moelle, fleur de sel which translates into bone marrow seal salt. It might be hard to tell from the photo, but these were absolutely gigantic. I liked this one more than the ones we had earlier in the trip. You can even see the generous amount of herbs and spices added to the bone marrow. It tasted so nicely meaty, spiced fatty and luxurious. It went well with the bread and we also used the fresh bread basket to help finish all this marrow. Definitely the most bone marrow I have eaten in my life in one sitting.

Finally I/Kitty had French Onion soup (9.5€). Unfortunately it was so salty that I could hardly have any. There was a really nice dark heavy onion flavour to it as well, but once again the salt dominated. It didn't have much cheese, which is probably different from all the ones I've had in North America. It had brad in the soup instead.
Again we had snails, Escargots de Bourgogne en cassolette (Traditional Burgundy snails €16 for 12). Like last time there was a lot of butter, but this one had more of a herb taste to it, specifically licorice. I dont like licorice, but I didn't mind it here.
I had mine with some of the bread. It's a good way to soak up the butter and fat in this dish. These were a lot smaller than the previous escargots we tried.
Terrine de la Cloche d'Or Maison, et sa compote d'oignons (part of set menu). Again this was heavily spiced with herbs and from the small bite I tried, I thought I tasted mint and/or licorice.
Lastly is Camembert roti et ses mouillettes (also part of set menu). I couldn't believe they served a whole portion of Camembert! Are you to eat this alone? I can only imagine eating this as a sharing dish. I definitely didn't experience a portion problem with the food in France. Definitely cheesy and not enough bread for the amount of cheese in this dish.

Check out the mains in the next post!


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