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Yves Thuries Chocolate

Posted: 09/14/15

Yves Thuries Chocolate

Restaurant: France Pairs Yves_Thuries

Nelson @ChocolatThuries: This small chocolate shop called Yves Thuries looked inviting from the outside so we stepped in. They had all kinds of different chocolate products, almost anything you could think of. We were attracted to the chocolate truffles in the back. We quickly decided to try some!
We bought one each. They were sold by weight and this amount cost us 4.26€.
I tried the one in the back, the Poivre Sauvage, or wild pepper. The pepper is from Madagascar and "wild". I tried some of the other ones as well, and I thought the pepper one was by far the best. It had the most flavour, a rich backdrop of chocolate with pepper hitting your tastebuds up front. Inventive and delicious!
I threw this picture in of chocolate macarons. I didn't know at the time, but this is one of Yves' specialties. They sure look sweet and delicious!


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