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Arnaud Delmonte Bakery

Posted: 09/14/15

Arnaud Delmonte Bakery

Restaurant: Arnaud_Delmonte France Paris

Nelson: We happened to be near Rue des Martyrs, a street popular among foodies for the many stores offering unique food related items. We stopped at this bakery, Delmontel that advertised winning the best baguette in Paris in 2007. But what first attracted me to their store was the window display.
The window display had a variety of pastries. They all looked so neat and carefully presented. This lead me to walk into the store for a closer look.
The most interesting pastry was the Religieuse cafe, which is made to look like they are wearing a cap and collar of someone in the clergy. Neat, right?
Further exploration of the store led me to these loafs of breads which I can only assume are sweet. They look so appetizing with decorations on top that really make me wonder what they look like inside and especially how they taste.
Finally we come upon the baked bread section. I ordered their award winning baguette, La Renaissance (1.15€). Their other selections looked good too.
A closeup of the baguette. This one was very chewy and difficult to rip apart. It had some heft to it and tasted good. Baguettes seem so simple, but I tried quite a few while in Paris, and I would say all of them tasted different from each other. This one was one of the heavier ones with lots of flavour.


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