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Kebab in Paris France

Posted: 09/11/15

Kebab in Paris France

Restaurant: France Kebab Paris

Nelson: Europe is saturated with kebab. While not traditional French food, I think it has become commonplace to eat kebab in France and throughout Europe. After the Moulin Rouge we were hungry and basically walked into here since it was still open. This is a Kebab plat (9.5€). Do you notice any differences? I think the biggest difference is the lack of sauce on the meat. I don't know if there was an option, but they never asked whether we wanted any. The other big difference is mayo with the fries, which is typical in Belgium/France. Otherwise, the actual chicken kebab was mediocre with lot quality meat that wasn't that tasty. The salad was very plain and small. I think my favourite part of the dish is the fries.
This is the kebab in wrap form that someone else ordered.
So really disappointing experience with kebab at this location. I did like experience the small differences and localisation of kebab in Paris though. I will point out the exact location of this kebab place in Google Maps for you. I've had good experiences in Europe, but at this specific location it wasn't that good. Avoid.


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