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Anthony Bosson Boulanger

Posted: 09/08/15

Anthony Bosson Boulanger

Restaurant: Anthony_Bosson France Paris

Nelson: This local bakery always had a long lineup out the door. They won the organic bread in a competition in 2014 and advertise it proudly on their bread sleeves. So they must be doing something right.

Here's a shot of the Flute Bosson (1.1€), which it seemed like every single person was leaving the bakery with at least one, more often two or three. So naturally I had to try one.

Here is a display of some their breads for slave. Look at that variety! Seems to be normal for a French bakery.
This shop also had cakes, pies, macarons, etc. This place was literally one block from where we were staying and look how much awesome food is available!
More single serving cakes. So many choices!
The best part was that a person was bringing samples to the people waiting in the long line. This definitely drew me into the store and got me to join the line as well. The specials of that day were a cranberry, macadamia nut bread, a honey bread and another mixed grain type of bread. They were all delicious, but that cranberry/macadamia was something special.
I ended up buying a flute Bosson and just ate it on the street. It had a nice crusty outside with a soft interior that had substance to it despite the air holes. It also had a bit of a smoky flavour to it that was a nice touch. In short, a very nice baguette. Yum!


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