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French Goods from the Farmer's Market

Posted: 09/07/15

French Goods from the Farmer's Market

Restaurant: France Paris

Nelson: At the local farmer's market we decided to buy a few "French" items to eat at home. I already posted the Farmer's Market so when it was back we went to buy some more items. I'll describe those in more detail, but note the various items. Baguette in the top left as I think French people eat it with every meal. We bought a bag full of donut peaches and they were incredibly sweet and juicy. The best donut peaches I've ever had.

Next is the watermelon. In North America it is a common fruit and pretty cheap in the summer. Apparently not so in France where it's probably a luxury item. It was priced by weight which masked the true cost and it came out to around 15€. Yikes. That's by far the most expensive watermelon I have ever eaten in my life. It wasn't the best one I've had either. But it was very good and it was great to have with the extremely hot weather we experienced.

Skipping the cheese, wine and meat to the posts below, the other item we had was some melba toast and chips.

France is known for their cheese and we got a triple creme (1.2€) on the left and Bethmale (19€ per kg?). The triple creme was luxurious and rich as you'd expect. Pretty sure it was unpasteurized and alive which meant Kitty couldn't have any (she snuck a bit). The flavour wasn't that strong and it wasn't the richest I've ever had, but it was still good. The Bethmale was a more mild semi-hard cheese. The most distinctive aspect is the slit-like holes in the cheese instead of the more common circular holes. It was a bit earthy in flavour but very mild overall and not that memorable.
Here is a closeup of some sausage that we saw on sale at the Farmer's Market. This is a wild boar sausage with mushroom. It tasted amazing. It was extremely oily once we cut into it which meant there was a lot of fat, but in the quantity we ate it, it was perfect. It had a strong nutty aromatic flavour and with strong earthy mushroom flavour as well. This was so incredibly good.
We picked the cheese on the left because the French local in front of us ordered 3 or 4. We figured it must be good. Unfortunately I can't make out the name in the two pictures I took of it at the market as there was a crack obscuring part of the name tag. I'm sad because it was by far my favourite cheese. It looks unassuming and just from looks looked like a mild cheese, but it was anything but. It was soft and creamy but packed with flavour not derived from salt. I was surprised by how much pleasant flavour was there and it was by far my favourite of the night. I took two pictures and I still can't make it out! I spent the last 20 minutes searching for it but can't find it on the Internet. From what I can make out it's Prî creme or Pr1i creme or prli creme. Searching on the internet reveals the closest one to be Pélardon. A mystery that I will probably never solve.

On the right is Mimolette Vieille (26€ per kg?). I've seen this in North America I believe. It had very strong sharp flavour with huge salt crystals nested within this rock hard cheese. A good contrast to the ones we had that night.

Since we were in France we had wine with this food. We also bought this from the Farmer's market, two bottles for only 13.80€. They weren't that good unfortunately with the white wine tasting like an extremely young wine without the freshness of a young white wine. The red was better, but still mediocre. We weren't looking for really nice wines, just something convenient and this did the trick.
What a fun meal. We tried to eat like a French local and I wonder if we succeeded. Regardless, it was a fun eating these foods and I can see how the French can become addicted to eating great tasting alive cheese. Yum!


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