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Pret a Manger Sandwich

Posted: 09/06/15

Pret a Manger Sandwich

Restaurant: France Paris Pret_a_Manger

Nelson @Pret: After viewing the sheer variety of food on offer we sadly opted to eat at the Pret a Manger. Pret a Manger is an UK chain posing as a French store while having stores located in Paris. Follow? Honestly we ate dinner here for convenience as we were rushing off to do a twilight River Sienne cruise that night. We bought some food to go and rushed off to get on the boat.
This is a cheese and vegetable sandwich. Although it was probably sitting there all day it tasted pretty fresh. The mayo like sauce was good too.
We had a cookie as well. Not every post can be that exciting. But really we were saving our stomach for a feast we had waiting back at home, come back tomorrow to find out what we bought!


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