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Galeries Lafayette Food

Posted: 09/05/15

Galeries Lafayette Food

Restaurant: France Galeries_Lafayette Paris

Nelson @Galeries_Laf: Still at Galeries Lafayette, the famous department store in Paris, but this time we were in the food section which is in another building across the street. The sheer variety, quality and presentation of the food was mind boggling. Of course we start with macarons. Lots and lots of macarons.
Eclairs! That's French, right?
Cakes, this one was cool as it looked like a chess set.
France is famous for chocolate too, right? These truffles looked good.
France is known for Chinese dim sum, right? Maybe not. They were selling them here and I wonder if they were any good.
France is famous for anti-pasto, right? Maybe not, but they had a good selection.
How about fresh pasta?
Legs of prosciutto....I think that's Italian, right?
Iberian ham? Spanish. Although a very luxurious item.
A variety of oysters.
A variety of seafood. Look how big those prawn are!
So many loaves of meat. Didn't know you could have so many! Is France famous for blended meats??? Seriously I'm asking you.
Mountains of spices.
Of course a variety of cheeses. These were the soft ones, but they had a large display of hard ones as well.
This is a cabinet of duck products. Yup, a whole cabinet. Duck must be popular in France, right?

So much variety here of high quality stuff. It's neat to go around to different countries to see what kind of foods they value most. Every country is different. Unfortunately I was mostly looking and salivating instead of actually eating any of it :(


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