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Corporate Salad King

Posted: 09/04/15

Corporate Salad King

Restaurant: Salad_King Toronto

dre: I haven't eaten from Salad King in a really long time. I remember going there when it was a hole-in-the-wall place, before they renovated into stainless steel seating and before the fire where they moved down the street. I didn't know they did catering, and I was happy to try out their food. Catering is tricky as the food isn't as fresh and by the time we eat it, it could be cold.

My work catered some Thai food from Salad King, so I got to try it out again after a couple of years. They ordered a mango salad, Thai basil chicken, green curry, beef and pepper dish and spring rolls!

I really enjoyed the lunch and really missed going to Salad King. Too bad it is too far from my office for a lunch run!


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