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La Terrasse du 7

Posted: 09/01/15

La Terrasse du 7

Restaurant: France La_Terrasse_du_7 Paris

Nelson: We basically stopped here at La Terrasse du 7 because we were tired and hot. It's a cafe with a nice view of the street, but since it was so hot we wanted to sit inside instead of outside where the view could truly be enjoyed. It was also quite early and not time for dinner yet, so we just shared a snack.

This is home made rabbit terrine with hazelnuts (7€). This terrine had a surprising amount of white/breast meat. I'm not sure what the other ingredients that make up this dish though. Overall it was ok, nothing too special, but at least I could say I had rabbit while in France.

Another must have in France is escargots. On the menu they are described as twelve large snails with garlic butter (19€). The French are experts of course and even have a special tool to help you eat it. Use this clamp to hold the snail shell and then use a small fork to grab the meat. As you can tell these snails are large, the largest I have ever seen. They were quite buttery and a bit chewy. Inside had some green pesto-like sauce that lent it a distinct flavour. At least I thought the flavour was from the green stuff and not from the snail itself. Interesting, especially because they were so large and meaty.
This is a croque monsieur (7€) served to share. Basically it was as you would expect with cheese on the outside (and inside I think?) with ham, butter and toast. A decent combination that makes it look as appetizing as this group of ingredients can possibly be.
This picture gives a good perspective on how large the snails really are. LARGE! I think the waiters wanted us to order more as they served us stale bread. I was surprised they had some on hand. Gross.
It was hot, so I felt like a beer instead of having wine, which is what I would have normally picked if not for the weather. Not the dry pretzels and crackers that we hungrily ate despite not being very good.
Lastly this is the Saturday special of breaded veal scallop spaghetti (18€). Although more Italian than French someone felt like trying this dish. It was drowning in butter without much breading. The pasta was very raw, not even close to al dente, more like too breaking. Disappointing.

Overall this place felt very touristy and a bit of a rip off. I guess with their nice view, they don't have to concentrate on food quality.


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