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Posted: 08/30/15


Restaurant: France Ladur_e Paris

Nelson @MaisonLaduree: The most famous Macarons from France are from the legendaryLadurée. After dinner we were on our way to see the night view from the Arc de Triomphe and got sidetracked. This picture is actually from a bench built into the Arc. We bought these but unfortunately didn't eat them right away. It just happened to be a heat wave in Paris too, so by the time we ate them they perhaps weren't in an optimal state. We did try to refresh them in the refrigerator before eating them, but it only helped so much. We ruined the experience for ourselves, nonetheless they were still pretty good, read on for details.
5th from the left of the first picture is rose flavour. It had a really strong flowery flavour that was delicious. The other pinkish coloured one is strawberry candy "guimauve". Only after eating this did I find out that guimauve means marshmallow. This one was really sweet with a sparkling of sugar on the outside to make it extra sweet.

The yellow one is yuzu ginger flavour (a Japanese citrus fruit). It had a lot more yuzu flavour than ginger, which I liked, which made this one good and one of my favourites. Iced Mint flavour on the right was good too, but the mint flavour was not crazy intense or anything.

Third from the right is a special flavour called Marie Antoinette tea. This had a really subtle flavour with a pleasant tea flavour coming through in the aftertaste. Second from the right is earl grey, but I didn't get to taste this one.

Third from the left is salted caramel. This one had an intense intense flavour. It was so good, best one of this flavour I've had. The last flavour is pistachio, which I didn't get to taste either.

Here are some fancy pastries on sale too. I enjoyed just looking at these, but didn't try any myself.
Here are some baked breads that also looked delicious. I also didn't try any of these although they looked amazing.
Once again here is the expansive display of macarons. I must also note that the servers were so pleasant taking in the orders. I even saw them giving kids a free one (note I did not get a free one)! Good service made the long wait less annoying, plus the air conditioning helped as well. I felt the surface and some of these displayed are actually refrigerated to keep the goods cool. Good idea.

Overall these were really good macarons, some of the best I've had, but I've had other ones with even more intense flavours. The texture was pretty good. Although we kinda ruined the experience for ourselves, they were still great. Also, the store was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth visiting!


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