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Moutarde Street

Posted: 08/28/15

Moutarde Street

Restaurant: France Moutarde_Street Paris

Nelson @MoutardeSt_StM: After a tiring day we just wanted to eat at our "normal" dinner time. That's how we ended up in this tourist trap of a restaurant serving burgers on the Sienne. This is a cutaway pic of the classique moutarde and the Tome bacon bbq burger. Note that the one on the right is medium and the one on the left is well done. All burgers come with brioche bread made by their artisan baker. Read on for more!
It's not much to look at, but this is my order of the classique moutarde (10.9€). I figured it most be good if it's named after the restaurant, right? It has 150g beek steak (I hope they mean beef), onion compotee, gherkins, fresh tomato, homemade mustard "sweet relish" dressing. It's pretty thick and the burger has some grainy mustard to it, but not enough to taste that different. A good idea, but in my opinion needed even more mustard.
The drinks at happy hour included a mojito that had virtually no alcohol. Maybe they forgot to put it in? Or maybe it's happy hour? Or maybe the quality was so good that I couldn't taste. Somehow I doubt it's the last one. The lemonade is artisanal, so that means someone sat there and squeezed the lemons? I wonder who checks these things.
This is the most interesting burger on their menu as it is a canard (duck) burger (12.5€). Leave it to the french to invent this, it has shredded duck confit, mango chutney, goat cream, and the homemade "sweet relish" mustard dressing. The duck was quite flavourful dominating the taste in a good way, but only if you didn't put too much goat cream on. Thankfully it came on the side as too much of it would ruin this burger.
Here's a look inside where you can see the loose duck. Tastes better than it looks. Inventive and surprisingly good.
The fries (+3€) were crisp, thick and oily. That means they were pretty good. Seems like French fries throughout France are pretty good.
Lastly, the insides of this burger was already seen above, but this is the tome bacon bbq burger. It has 150 g beef steak, unpasteurized milk tomme cheese, smoked streaky bacon, onion and red fruits chutney, homemade bbq sauce. Overall this was a sweet burger, but I especially enjoyed the cheese. This burger was delicious.

Overall, it got the job done serving a French take on the classic American burger. We were happy to be able to do an activity after dinner for once!


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