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Fresh off the Boat

Posted: 08/31/15

Fresh off the Boat

Restaurant: Fresh_Off_the_Boat Toronto

dre @FOTB416: My last meal at Front Street Foods was at Fresh Off the Boat. I was curious to try their lobster sandwich.

They had a display of the two items that they offered - the lobster roll sandwich and their snow crab fries. They had on display the 2 offerings they had. At $15, I thought it was very expensive for the very small sandwich. The snow crab fries were $10, but you can get both as a combo for $20. Wow.

I opted to try only the lobster sandwich. I was disappointed and thought it was cheap for them to use a hot dog bun as the bun. They gave me some big chunks of lobster, and it filled the sandwich (but to be honest, it was because the bun was so small). I did find the lobster a little bland. The fries and the coleslaw were yummy, at least.

I tried a bit of my friend's snow crab fries. The crab was too shaved to really taste anything. Perhaps they have a bigger selection at their storefront and bigger buns there.


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