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Les 4 Saisons Mains

Posted: 08/26/15

Les 4 Saisons Mains

Restaurant: France Les_4_Saisons Paris

Nelson: After the great appetizers come the mains. I ordered the the Nos Plats Degustation (Our Tasting Dish) which on that day is Cote de Boeuf Black Angus, pommes Pont Neuf + un verre de vin (30€). You might not be able to tell from the picture without a frame of reference, but this was a gigantic piece of steak. I would estimate it at around 20 oz. And who said the French food was served in small portions? As the French are aught to do, the steak was served with mustard and coarse salt (not pictured). The mustard had horseradish too.
This steak was cooked perfectly. It was so meaty with a lot of delicious juicy flavour. I think it was a ribeye (no bones) with cap and fat on, which made it extra yummy. This was well worth the 30€. Originally I was going to order this off the regular menu, but then saw it was the featured dish. The featured dish came with an glass of wine, so I took advantage (not pictured)! Such a delicious steak. mmmmmmmmmmmm
These are the Pommes Pont Neuf that go with the steak. It translates basically to thick cut fries. They were crisp on the outside and moist & fluffy on the inside with a generous amount of salt making them irresistible. Even though there was a lot of other food, I finished this platter of fries, although I had some help from everyone else at the table.
Carre d'agneau en croute d'amande, jus au thym, poivrons confits (25€), which I think translates to rack of lamb with a crust of almonds, thyme jus and medley of peppers. This lamb was absolutely delicious with very little gamey taste, but still full of flavour. It was nicely salty and nutty with very very tender meat. The almond crust wasn't too strong, but allowed the lamb to shine through. Probably one of the best versions of lamb I have ever had.
St. Jacques poelees aux saveurs d'agrumes, risotto aux herbes fraiches (24€). These are St. Jacques scallops with citrus flavours and risotto with fresh herbs. Nice presentation of the large scallops (not giant though). The scallop was cooked well, which can be difficult to execute properly. Overall this dish was salty, but still quite good.
The risotto was very buttery and creamy with a heavy amount of salt as well. The herbs turned out to be mostly chives.
Lastly we shared a dessert of millefeuille de mures et sorbet fraise (10€). This isn't your typical millefeuille as they seemed to be closer to sugared sesame crisps around blackberry and strawberry puree and black currant sorbet (not fraise as advertised). This was a surprisingly tart dish and I didn't think the sesame went well with everything else. At least the blackberries were really ripe!

This was my favourite meal of the trip as it classic French cuisine prepared in modern way. The decor was nice too with cute drawings on the wall and excellent service from the accommodating waiter that spoke a bit of English. At the time I thought it was really pricey, but in hindsight it wasn't so bad. Perhaps because it's off the beaten path and probably not catering to tourists, but that's a good thing. The best part was obviously all the good food, with so many excellent dishes that I will remember for a long time.


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