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Les 4 Saisons Apps

Posted: 08/24/15

Les 4 Saisons Apps

Restaurant: France Les_4_Saisons Paris

Nelson: My favourite meal of the trip was in Versailles for dinner. We arrived early here as it was just opening at our 7:30PM. The interior is nicely decorated with cartoon art and a very basic white colour scheme. We were started with an unexpected amuse bouche - smoked salmon with beets. The beets were ginger flavoured and although that may sound that good, but both individual components were good. When they were eaten together? Incredible. Somehow they complemented each other perfectly with the ginger flavour taking a backseat to the other flavours. What a pleasant, unexpected beginning.
The bread service was baguette of course.
The first entrees was the foie gras de canard au limoncello (a lemon liqueur), dentelle de pain d'epices (15€). These are huge medallions of foie gras and the yellow on the outside must be the limoncello part of it. Never seen this before, but a good idea. It didn't taste too strongly, but lent a bit of flavour to the rich proceedings. The taste of the foie gras was incredible. Foie gras has a strong flavour to it and I've described it like a meat ice cream before with complex flavours that have great depth, and this was one of the best I've had. It goes well with...
...the dentelle de pain de'espices. These are well toasted bread that were spiced with cinnamon, ginger perhaps and sugar. The slightly sweet, spicy, crunchy flavours and texture complemented the foie gras, which is salty, fatty and soft. Definitely my favourite appetizer not just of this meal, but of the entire trip!
Supions, façon Catalane, poêles a l'huile d'olive et basilic (10€). This is squid the Catalane way fried with olive oil and basil. Maybe I translated wrong, but there wasn't much basil in this dish. Instead there were crisp tart apples as a garnish. This dish tasted like it was cooked by a Chinese person. It can't be seen in the picture, but the vegetables seemed Asian too. I thought they might be garlic scape or sprouts, but we asked and it turned out to be asparagus. This was an ok dish, but perhaps it would be innovative to the locals with the Asian flavours to this dish.
Rouleau d'avocat printanier a la citronelle (9€). This is a raw salmon/tuna/avocado roll, much like how the Japanese would prepare it, except with lemon flavouring as well as the apple and crisps. I wasn't sure what the crisps were made from and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just potato, but they were delicious. This seem inspired by Japanese food, but with a French twist to it. Obviously the beautiful presentation is in a french style.


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  • Looks like the cinnamon bread I used to make for myself at home... although I never had fois gras! YUM! :)
    Leo @ 2015-08-28
  • The bad thing with my picture of the foie gras is that it doesn't give justice to how large the medallions really was. It looks small in the picture, but in reality they were quite large. It was delicious!
    Nelson @ 2015-09-01

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