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Pastries & Beer

Posted: 08/22/15

Pastries & Beer

Restaurant: France Paris

Nelson: There are more than just butter croissant in France. On this day, we tried some of the other varieties including croissant aux amandes (almond croissant for 1.4€), Chausson aux Pommes (Apple slipper? 1.3€), Pain aux raisins (1.1€) and Brioche chocolat (1.20€). The almond was a little disappointing as I was hoping for more filling. I enjoyed the raisin one. Just one of these buns was lunch for us while waiting in line as there isn't much food to buy at the Palace of Versailles.

Just one other picture I threw in here is that we bought some beers to enjoy back at our home. It was so satisfying to drink cold beers on these hot hot summer nights after a day of walking. This is Kronenbourg 1664 beer a pale lager from the Alsace region (not surprisingly the most German part of France). Thirst quenching.


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